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  Al Millan & the Robots Return For ‘PEOPLE FIRST’ BENEFIT in SLO
Former local band to converge on Central Coast with passion for rock ‘n’ roll and community involvement. (7/11/09)

Al Millan & the Robots attack Odd Fellows!!!!!
Forget Terminator and Transformers; here's the real summer blockbuster! (7/16/09)

This just in…
New Seamen CD in the works. Just when no one thought it was possible the “Ahhh forgetta ‘bout it” band, the Mystic Seamen, are up to their old tricks again.

Below is a copy of a napkin discovered among broken glass and ruble at the lounge at the St Francis Hotel in San Francisco. When questioned, guitarist, Jeffrey Millan, said, “Were we ever there?” Yes, apparently. According to unnamed sources and spy chief, Willie Catcha Fly, “I have a bar tab to prove it! Twelve dollars for a bowl of pop corn - Can you believe it?”

It looks like the new “Tales of the Mystic Seamen” will include;

It was over heard that Jevon Millan would be Executive Producer.

A video rights deal is also being inked to include videographers;
Jeffrey Alan Millan and Jenna Millan. Jenna claimed, “We hope to capture the raw essence of some of the songs and camaraderie of the band. We’re sick of all these break up/heart break songs and stories. Fans want to see what they've been reading about in the tabloids all of these years.”

“No problem” says associate, Jeffrey Alan, “We’re going to dish it out and lay it on thick – Kamikazes, the heartbreaks and all the trash.”

Sneak Preview of the upcoming release, “Tender Loving…”  to be included in the Tales of the Mystic Seaman.

Lesa Connell, lead vocalist on Tender Loving.
Lesa Connell, lead vocalist on Tender Loving.

Windsor family band creates new CD, awaits word from Hollywood, By Bert Williams
The Windsor Times December 31, 2003 (full article)

The Mystic Seamen’s NEW CD Dusk Not Doom was officially released on December 20, 2003. A raging party took place in the small Town of Windsor not far from the Sonoma Coast, just a crow’s flight north of the San Francisco Bay. Musicians, friends and family from as far away as Boston, Austin, Texas and Los Angeles attended the soirée.

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