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  Making Dusk not Doom was like setting sail across the ocean. We had an idea of where we were going, but we didn't know what we'd discover on the way. The hours have passed in the studio like so much time spent in the crow's nest watching the sun slide over the shining sea. It's true that one of the attributes of a sailor is his ability to sing. Without song, the voyage rocks but is measured only by compasses and astronomy. The music marks the time.


Title (lyrics)

Writer(s) Lead Vocal
1. Set Your Sails (6:39) Al Millan Al Millan
2. Island (2:02) Mark Millan Lesa Connell
3. Maggie (3:23) Jevon Millan / Shaun Bond Jevon Millan
4. Lovely Lover (4:43) Shaun Bond Shaun Bond
5. Send Me an Angel (5:05) Al Millan Al Millan
6. The Pearl (3:18) Jeffrey & Mark Millan Mark Millan
7. All Over the World (3:44) Mark & Al Millan Al Millan
8. Coming In (3:48) Shaun Bond Shaun Bond
9. Over with a Lime (3:49) Mark Millan Lesa Connell
10. Memories (3:43) Gary Millan Gary Millan
11. Fade Out (4:13) Gary Millan Gary Millan
12.  Johnny Star (4:00) Al Millan Al Millan
13.  Dusk Not Doom (4:57) Shaun Bond / Gary Millan Shaun Bond
14. Miles Away (4:26) Shaun Bond Shaun Bond

Produced by: Al, Mark & Gary Millan, S.M. Bond & Tim Prince

Executive Producer: Mark Millan

All songs engineered, mixed and mastered by Tim Prince at Ridgetop Sound, Aptos, California, except for Send Me An Angel, recorded at Peter Temple Studio, Albion, California.


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