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Lyrics & Music: Gary Millan

You told me that you're leavin'
Leavin' me behind
You said I'm not your kind anymore
I stood fallen; you walked out the door

I thought we had a love song
A little romance song
Together came unwound
Now it's just me: cue the lights down

Fade out, what else can I do?
Fade out my life with you

I went through your things today
All your poems and photographs
I'll forget the last time we laughed
Party of two, it's fading from view

Fade out, what else can I do?
Fade out my life with you

(When the lights go down, you can't hear a sound)
It's a fade out

Fade out, that's all I wanna do
Fade out my life with you

Lead Vocal: Gary Millan
Backup Vocals: Mystic Seamen
Guitar: Shaun Bond
Bass: Harry Green
Drums: Harry Green
Piano: Harry Green
Violin: Dennis English

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Cover Art: John Maxwell
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