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  Over With a Lime

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Lyrics & Music: Mark Millan

Some things look better distant
Less likely to do harm
It starts from being careless
All these bruises, brands & bonds
And I been the loser
In most of these deals
You fall in love with someone
Just to find out it's not real

Some times we look for futures
In one another's eyes
You sift thru the emotions
Thru love and tears and lies
But me I look for moments
Where there's no disguise
I'm looking for devotion
Without compromise

Some get it in the mail;
Some have it over with a lime'
Some don't get any at all
And me I'll get mine in time
Get in time…

I wonder if he'll miss me
While he's dealing with his blues
It takes so long to find out
There are only so few, only so few
Guess I could wait a while
But then I get so bored
Its just a condition
Of this madness we call love…


Lead Vocal: Lesa Connell
Back Up Vocals: Al & Mark Millan
Rhythm Guitar: Mark Millan
Lead Guitar: Al Millan
Sax: Nate Elder
Drums: Mark Shilts
Bass: Gary Steinman
Congas: Bobby 'Flamingo' Gates

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Cover Art: John Maxwell
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