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  Lovely Lover

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Lyrics & Music: Shaun Bond

I see the truth you are gone
Loved me in the past but those days are gone
The wind that blows so cold, it chills my bones
And I know you're gone for good
My lovely lover

I feel emptiness and pain
Standing in the rain wanting you again
Thoughts attack my soul and slip away
And I know you're gone for good
My lovely lover

Lovely lover left my life
I'm alone
Lovely lover where did you go?
I'm alone

Blue as the sea, I'm in way too deep
Black is the color I see when I cry myself to sleep
Years don't heal my heart, why? I'm not sure
I find my only comfort in your faded picture

Lovely lover left my life
I'm alone

Lead vocal: Shaun Bond
Rhythm guitar: Shaun Bond
Bass: Harry Green
Drums and percussion: Harry Green
Lead guitar: Jason McCauley


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