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Lyrics & Music: Al Millan

John was anything, he could do anything he pleased
Go to business school or hitch 'n holler on the double E's
So he tried at the college and tried living on the city streets
Then he moved up country, you know the country life can't be beat.
Oh, guess your're prob'ly wondering who I'm talking about
It's Johnny Star.

One day Johnny went walking in the mountains just above his home
Just to see if he could find some place to be alone.
Just then in the sky above there came a flash and a blinding light.
When the spectrum of colors cleared
You know he couldn't believe his eyes.

Oh, guess you're prob'ly wondering what that man had seen.
When I finally tell you well you're just not gonna believe
Mr. Johnny Star

Light beings in a vehicle, they were looking at him mighty close.
John thought, "Shit, this it" as they pondered on the hidden note.
Just then to his surprise, he looked into their eyes
He knew he was a friend and he would have to go.

John joined the rocket ship and he left this planet earth.
Just to see what he could find and to know what it was worth.
And he's out there somewhere, he's prob'ly looking down here below.
Some of you might sit and wonder "Why, tell me why did he have to go?"
Oh, Johnny was a man who could do anything he pleased.
Oh, Johnny was a man just like you and me….
Mr. Johnny Star.

Lead Vocal: Al Millan
Back Up Vocals: Mystic Seamen & Lesa Connell
Drums: Mark Shilts
Bass: Gary Steinmann
Guitars: Al Millan
Keyboards: Kirk Handley
Congas: Bobby 'Flamingo' Gates

For the original Johnny Star of 1969
Especially Mike Briones and John Maxwell

Copyright © 2003 Ellie Mae MusicCopyright © 2003 Ellie Mae Music
Cover Art: John Maxwell
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